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Switchboard asbestos removal

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Removing asbestos from a switchboard is highly dangerous which only professional electricians should carry out the task. The material of asbestos will more likely be in electrical switchboards. Here at Quixotic Electrical, our expert Electrician workers are able to deal with asbestos switchboards. We can safely remove the switchboard from the building and ensure that the asbestos will not cause harm to anyone.

Asbestos and Electrical Switchboards - What Are They

Asbestos is a mineral which was mostly used before 1990 for construction reasons. This is due to it having great resistance to fire and heat, as well as chemical and electrical damage. When asbestos is non-friable and also in good condition, it has less risk of being dangerous.

But when it is friable, easily crumble, then the asbestos can be extremely harmful to people. Knowing the condition of whatever object has asbestos is important to make sure that the asbestos is removed/ worked on safely.

Electrical switchboards are what transfer electricity from one main point to smaller points in a building. With electrical switchboards, the ones which were built before 1990 are more likely to contain asbestos. These are commonly black in their colour and are made from either asbestos or asbestos coal tar pitch. Likewise, some switchboard manufactures who used asbestos includes Asbestos, Zelemite, Lebah and Miscolite, the label should be stamped on it.

With these, they often will be more brown/ black colour wise, have a strong smell of tar or bituminous and have smooth finished surfaces. Even though the switchboard might not have a label saying it is made of asbestos or made of non-friable asbestos it can still be dangerous. For instance, if unsealed holes are present, all precautions and steps on older switchboards should be made to know if they are made of asbestos.

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Power outages and shorts circuits саn happen аt аnу time so its imperative tо call Quixotic Electrical Services tо identify problems and put forward safe аnd reliable solution. Our fast response team are аvаіlаblе іn уоur area tо give you protection аgаіnѕt all dangerous electrical hazards and have your power up and running in no time. Our qualified electricians are  ready to take on any emergency electrical work that is required.

Our team of electrical professionals are also specialists in installation. We can easily and quickly perform the following: ceiling fan installation, lighting installations, replacements, smoke detectors installations, projector installations, switch board upgrades, Camera Installations, Cabinet Lighting, LED, Garden Lighting and more.

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We are a local domestic and commercial electrician in Cronulla. We specialize in a variety of electrical repair services ranging from ceiling fan repairs, surge protector repairs, hot water repairs, electrical testing repairs, smoke alarm repairs, switchboard, lighting installations, replacements, smoke detectors installations, projector installations, switch board upgrades, Camera Installations, Cabinet Lighting servicesCall Quixotic Electrical 0427 940 899

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